DP profi

DP Profi

85 per cent efficiency DP Profi is our standard entry level gasification boiler, this boiler has a conventional fin type heat exchanger, with electronic temperature control and flue gas thermostat on board.

Utilising the syngas created from the gasification process the boiler is 85% efficient giving an outstanding capital cost to return ratio.


The boilers will often be coupled with a accumulator which is a large hot water storage cylinder. A popular accumulator is the Akvaterm range of hot water storage cylinder range which feature superb insulation properties designed with efficiency in mind.

Suitable for use with radiators or underfloor heating.

  • Output range from 15kW to 95kW
  • Each boiler can vary its output
  • Automatic control of flue flap
  • Combustion of hard and soft wood
  • Large fuel chamber for longer combustion time from one load
  • Improved heat exchanger for increased efficiency
  • High combustion efficiency (85%), low fuel consumption and low emissions
  • Simple operation and cleaning
  • Automatic shutdown of boiler after fuel is depleted
  • Pressurising fan for continuous and effective combustion and operation
  • Equipped with a cooling circuit that protects the boiler from overheating
  • Vertical or Horizontal Flue Outlet
  • Fireproof clays able to resist temperatures up to 1500˚C
  • The boiler is approved and tested to European standard EN303-5
  • Optional electronic temperature control - DP Profi Boiler