What is a Gasification Boiler?

Image of Adler Diplomat – Utilising wood Gasification as a fuel.A Gasification boiler is one that burns the woodfuel as a batch in a two part process; gasification and burning of residual materials. Traditional split log boilers would simply burn the wood as one, emit heat to the surrounding area and possibly transfer heat to water via a heat exchanger mounted on the rear or side of the burner. These traditional boilers lack the design and control to efficiently capture and use the combustible gas which is produced when you burn wood.

This combustible gas is known as Syngas and is created by heating the wood to release the carbon monoxide and hydrogen from the material (split log) then mixing the gases with a controlled amount of oxygen. This Syngas is flammable and can be used as a fuel to produce heat.

Wood gasification has been used in the past, but due to the ease and abundance of fossil fuels, oil and gas, it fell from favour and has been neglected for many years.

Wood became neglected as a fuel source for engines as petrol and diesel became a far more accessible and convenient fuel source.

With the abundance of natural gas in the 1970’s , town gas became a convenient and readily available fuel, replacing coal and wood as the principal form of heating for most homes in the UK. For many years the relatively low cost of oil and gas has made them the preferred choices for heating dwellings in the UK. Until now, continued uncertainty over the ongoing supply of Oil and natural Gas and rapidly increasing prices combined with the environmental impact of fossil fuel means more and more people are seeking alternatives for cutting costs and carbon emissions. Biomass as a fuel meets both these criteria and as a result is seeing a resurgence in popularity.

Like anything that uses a fuel, performance is only as good as the fuel that you put in it. Attack Wood Gasifying Boilers have efficiencies of up to 91% dependent on model if used in conjunction with seasoned timber.

Attack boilers are normally burnt as batch burn and connected to a large accumulation tank where all of the energy produced is stored until needed. The large accumulation tank offers the homeowner a high degree of convenience as the boiler does not need to be lit continuously for the homeowner to have heat. Careful consideration needs to be given to the size of the accumulation tank in relation to the heating demand of the property so that the heating can be timed to come on when it suits the customer and the stored energy can be replenished at a time that suits the customer.

Having a wood gasification boiler means careful consideration needs to be given to storage of fuel and an area for seasoning wood you are planning on buying, or if you intend harvesting your own wood. Attack DP Boilers all feature an oversized fuel chamber, this means the boiler accepts large split logs which means less time spend refuelling. The DP45kW boiler for instance takes split logs up to 750mm in length.




Welcome to Attack Biomass UK!

ATTACK offer a range of Biomass boilers, these include the split log boiler range DP, DPX and DPX Lambda and the 30S Pellet boiler. The ATTACK range of boilers offer:
  • Low running costs
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance and a low carbon footprint
The DP range of boilers is MCS accredited and eligible for the proposed Renewable Heat Incentive.